Robert Charles "Rusty" Ryan is Danny Ocean’s confidant[1] and right-hand man.


In his younger years Rusty was active in Las Vegas, where he met Reuben Tishkoff, who took advantage of him during a game then subsequently treated him to breakfast.

Just before Danny's first release from prison, Rusty and Topher Grace were teaching celebrities how to play poker, while taking advantage of the amateurs at the same time.

Benedict Job

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Rusty was recruited over coffee in Hollywood, at a restaurant by Danny for the Benedict job. Originally surprised at Danny's audacity, Rusty chuckled at the thought of it. Going over the schematics for the target vault, he came up with a list of cons needed to pull the job. Needing reassurance about the job, he asks Danny for its purpose. After Danny puts Rusty's mind at ease, the two go on to recruit the other members of the crew.


Rusty and Danny requesting Reuben's aid.

Once the other members accept the job, Rusty and Danny give a brief presentation for it. As the members are tasked, Rusty begins by acting as a liaison, moving items between members as needed. He takes a more physical role when building the vault replica. When Linus Caldwell is tasked to watch Terry Benedict, Rusty requires Linus to brief him in detail about Benedict's schedule while at the Bellagio. Just after Linus mentions how


Linus briefing Rusty on Benedict.

ruthless Benedict is, Tess walks by, and Rusty hides his face so he isn't seen. Now that Rusty knows Tess is involved, he once again asks Danny for reassurance and threatens to leave the job if he isn't satisfied. Danny once again convinces Rusty to stick with him and they, with the permission of the rest of the crew except Linus, figure a way to involve Tess as a portion of the take.

In order to dupe Linus into taking on a larger responsibility, Rusty tasks him with tailing Danny. On the day of the heist, Danny and Linus return from stealing the pinch, and Rusty senses that tensions are high. Even as they are, Linus still accepts Rusty's proposition for Danny's further role after a few members of the crew play Linus into it. With Linus now triggering the vault, Rusty teasingly prepares him for an impersonation act. That evening, while watching and communicating from the hotel suite, Rusty cues Linus to engage Benedict. Rusty then prepares the Malloys and Yen in the hotel suite, checking in on the members' memory for their respective roles. Still in communication and surveilling, Rusty continues liaising with the members as they execute their roles.


Rusty impersonating a doctor.

When Rusty receives his own cue, he leaves the hotel suite and prepares for his own impersonation act as a doctor. After Saul Bloom fakes incapacitation, Rusty arrives and plays an attempt to revive Saul. After the staff in the eye of the sky room are convinced by the failed revival play, Rusty and the Malloys wheel off Saul on a stretcher, and out of the casino. Rusty receives his second cue as Danny, Linus, and Yen are packing up the take in vault. He calls the planted cell phone on Tess, and asks to speak with Benedict. As he and Benedict converse, the member impersonating SWAT arrive. Rusty joins them, leaving Benedict hanging on the phone. With Rusty acting as the SWAT officer in charge, he maintains contact with Benedict as the crew retrieves Danny, Linus, Yen and the take from the vault, giving Benedict false details about their operation. After Benedict kicks the SWAT out of the vault, the crew returns to the SWAT truck and safely drives away and into the warehouse with the vault replica.

Life in Rome

Rusty presumably went to Rome to pull one or more jobs with Frank Catton. He left Rome three and a half years prior to receiving Benedict's Ultimatum.

Isabel Lahiri

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At some point during his stay in Rome, Rusty shows off for Isabel, running by her in a piazza while being chased by polizia. He makes sure that she is watching him, even as he is past her. The following day, he approaches her while she is in the exact same spot at the piazza, and makes conversation with her. After she tells him about her life, the two spend more time together and eventually become intimate. While the two are in a relationship, he and Frank pull the Bulgari Job, and she is put on a case to investigate it. She eventually requests for a serious amount of resources for the investigation, ultimately leading to acquiring enough evidence to pin Rusty as a culprit. As she is awoken by him one night, she tells him about the evidence she has. He realizes he has a very good chance of being caught, so he secretly escapes out the bathroom window of their home.

Benedict's Ultimatum

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Rusty was checking in on his Hollywood hotel, where Topher is staying, when Benedict calls him to deliver a two week ultimatum, which the crew must satisfy or risk death. Benedict exemplifies his integrity by arming Rusty's 1963 Ford Thunderbird and detonating it just before Rusty can get to it. When the crew meet in order to go over expenses and ideas for raising money, Rusty insists on going to Amsterdam. Even though Frank becomes wary about the risk involved in going there, Rusty shrugs him off and tells him to not tell Danny about Isabel.

Fabergé Coronation Egg Contest

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Bank Job

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Personality, appearance, and traits

Rusty is often shown eating some kind of fast food and while his skills are used more in the planning phase of the heists, although he takes on disguises in Eleven and Thirteen.


  • Was seen wearing his watch on his right wrist, suggesting that he might be left-handed.
  • Wears a shiny article of clothing in every scene in which he is present.


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