Tess Ocean is the wife of Danny Ocean. When Danny was sent to prison, she divorced him and moved to Las Vegas, where she entered a relationship with Terry Benedict. Danny surprised her at the Bellagio after his release and the two had a short conversation before Benedict interrupted them. When Danny unexpectedly showed up again, she suspected he was up to something else and accused him of planning a job.

During the execution of the Benedict Job, she unwittingly became means the crew used to contact Benedict. Before the job was through, she quickly found Rusty Ryan, who instructed her to wait in her hotel room for the remainder of the job. She did so anxiously until she was led secretly monitor Danny and Benedict making a deal for her. When Benedict proved he would not remain integrous to her, she decided to leave him and return to Danny as he was about to be taken back to prison. After his second release, the two remarried and started a new life in East Haven, Connecticut.

A few years after the Benedict Job, she was visited by Benedict, who came to give Danny an ultimatum for the return of the money stolen from him. Even though she was against Danny being a thief, she made an exception in consideration of their survival. When the crew was failing in François Toulour’s plot to sabotage them, during the Fabergé Coronation Egg Contest, she was tricked into meeting them in Rome and becoming involved in a con during the contest. Even though the crew had already won the contest, the con she was in failed and the crew ended up in jail, but they weren’t in any real legal trouble with the American authorities sent to deport them. After their release from the Roman jail, she and Danny surprised Toulour at his mansion in Lake Como, Italy to ensure that he knew they won and that he would hold up his end of the bargain for the losing the contest.


When Danny's more illicit behavior came into light, Tess separated from him. In consideration for her own well-being she was forced to leave New York, where she had been residing.

Life in Las Vegas

Tess moved to Las Vegas, where she and Terry Benedict became romantically involved. While there, she worked at the Bellagio as the museum curator. One night, while waiting for Benedict to meet her for dinner, she was visited by Danny. The two made small talk, even after she made it clear she wanted him to leave. After Danny explains he wants to be with her again, she called him a thief and a liar, and addressed the danger he put her in after their separation. Benedict turns up and interrupts their conversation. Tess introduced the two men, and gave an excuse for Danny to leave.

One the night of the Benedict Job, Danny finds her again waiting for Benedict in a dining hall. She became very irritated and nearly walked out of the room. Danny stopped her only to say that he wanted to tell her goodbye. She returned the expression and just as Danny pecked her on the cheek, she didn't notice him planting a cell phone in her pocket. It rang as she and Benedict exited the MGM Grand Garden Arena after the boxing match was interrupted by the blown power maneuver during the heist. To her surprise, she found the phone in her pocket. She answered and gave the phone to Benedict per the request of the caller. She recalled the instance when Danny slipped the phone into her pocket, only after the time it took for her and Benedict to walk to the casino surveillance room. Shortly after they arrived there, Benedict proposed that she leave so that she wouldn't witness his sinister response towards Rusty who was on the other end of the call. After she left the room, she promptly found Rusty on the casino floor. Surprised to see her, he gave her reassurance about Danny's well-being and instructions for what to do as they continued to execute the heist. She complied and returned to her hotel room. After some time, she received a call from Livingston, who instructed her to turn to a specific television channel, which showed Danny, Benedict, and his two goons as Danny bargained for Tess. Benedict quickly agreed to give up Tess for Danny's deal to get his money returned, but then declined out of suspicion. Tess hoped Terry would remain integrous, but after seeing that he would choose his money over her, she decided to leave him. She found Danny just as he about to be driven off to a local jail, and the two reconnected their relationship.

Life in East Haven

After Danny's second release, he and Tess moved to East Haven, Connecticut. There they intended to start a new life avoiding the threat of their past and the risks of a criminal lifestyle. Before they had completely settled in, Tess was visited by Benedict, who was looking for the crew involved in the Benedict Job.

Fabergé Coronation Egg Contest

After most of the crew gets arrested in Rome, Linus calls Tess and tricks her into coming to Rome in order to use her in an attempt to steal a fake Fabergé Coronation Egg. Her role is to impersonate Julia Roberts in order to gain the accommodations needed for the crew to escort her through the museum and to the egg.

Personality, appearance, and traits

Tess is an extremely moral person and detests her husband's illegal ventures, though she deeply loves him. Tess has brilliant red hair and typically dresses neat. Her hairstyle tends to be a bun, though not always.



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